Thermo Chamber
Thermocoupled fully automatic heater system. Consumes less electricity without compromising on operating efficiency. Efficient and simple design enable easy loadig and unloading of tyres. Equipped with pneumatic control valves abd safety valves. Specially designed door system ensures safe operation. Chamber capacities for two / three / five / seven / nine / eleven / fourteen tyres of 12x24 and increased capacity for smaller tyre.
Tread Bonder
Steam curing chamber for bonding pre-cured treads. Ideal for all rebeading systems as a repair chamber.
Available in 3 models in a range that covers 8" to 24" tyres. Fully insulated to withstand high temperatures. Easy loading and unloading with additional hoist or jib crane.
Tread Builder - (Precured)
Direct driven machine for building and stitching pre-cured treads. Electricity controlled DC motor drive for forward/reverse with various speed controls. Two stage stitching for gum and tread. Standards with manual tread cutter and gum let-off. Handles tyres from 12" to 24". Standard manual cutter and optional pneumatic cutter. Multi-functional: Apply cushion and tread, cut,stitch and apply envelop, dual stitching pressure.
Tyre Buffer (Precured)
This buffer is ideal for handling 12" to 24" tyres. Equipped with precision mechanism for radious control and direct drive for uniform tyre speed. Available with tyre locking device or self locking discs and easy - to - opeate controls.
Cyclone Filter
This equipment is used in effective cooling of tyres during buffing. Debris and dust particles are filtered and sucked in using dust locking system enabling a dust free environment.
Retreading Machine for Earth Mover Tyres
It incorporates unique design features with two pneumatically operating jacks actuating the movable upper part of the machine. It is precision controlled by feather-touch pneumatic switch ensuring maximum accuracy and safety. The production is subjected to strict quality control at every stage. And, each machine is hydrolytically tested after production.
Retreading Machine for Tractor, Truck, Van Car Tyres
It has extraordinary design feature with pnematically operating jack actuating movable upper part of the machine. It is precision controlled by feather touch pneumatic switch ensuring maximum accuracy and safety. Strict quality control is effected at every stage of production. And each machine is hydraulicaly tested after production.
Vertical Resoling Machine
It incorporated very advanced simple-to-operate design features facilitating mechanical operation with four jaw openers ensuring smooth loading and unloading of tyres without loss of time. Range - Truck size to Scooter tyres.
Rolling Machine (Motorised)
Pneumatically controlled rolling machine with reduction gears and ultra-efficient facilities for building and stitching treads. Handles tyres from cars to heavy duty truck and tractor tyres.
Non - IBR Boilers
It is unique with versatile and easy - to -operate features with fire boxes suitable located. It incorporares upto 4 stages, with separate steam and hot water tanks to accomplish the job safely and efficiently. It is capable of developing capcity of 100 to 600 lbs/hr. It finds easy and ready application in various industries like textile, chemical, rubber, food, pharmaceutical, hotel, foam,rubber,etc.
Buffing Machine
This dynamically balancing machine is super-efficient - with features to facilitate smooth, efficient and safe buffing operation, It has a totally enclosed, electrical
motor rotating double ended shaft. Radsp on one end and wire bush on the other end can be fixed against twin rollers - for easy rotation of tyres resulting in high spt-free, smooth finis. 2HP, 3HP, 5 HP,7.5HP
Rolling Machine (Hand Operated)
Manually operated rolling machine with ultra-efficient facilities for building and stitching treads. Handles tyre sizes from scooter to tractor.
Vulcanising Machine
This unique cast iron machine has efficient facilities for repairing and reinforcing partially damaged tyres. It can restore them to serviceable state through Vulcanising process.
Tyre Disk Remover (Automatic & Semi Automatic)
Pneumatically controlled disk remover for fully automatic operation, suitable for tyres of light commercial vehicle upto scooter size.